Why Choose Turkey ?

Turkey is already a firmly established tourist destination, with 42 million tourists visiting from all over the world in 2014. And according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, it is the sixth most popular holiday destination. The Turkish government has ambitions of extending this popularity even further into the international student market, having set a target of having 100,000 international students in the country by 2018. There are nearly 200 universities in Turkey, most of which are run by the state. Most of these institutions are relatively young; as recently as 1970, there were only eight state institutions, and the first private university (Bilkent University), was not established until 1984. Among the youngest universities in Turkey is Antalya International University (AIU), which welcomed its first students in the 2012/13 academic year, and aims to recruit more than half of its students from outside Turkey.
Source: topuniversities.com

Istanbul Kultur University